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Many people looking for reliable brokers often ponder on one question upon their encounter with LimeFX: Is LimeFX scam or not?.

There are a significant number of Forex brokers traders who get wind of day-in, day-out. These lead them to confusion and misconceptions. We all know that trading is associated with enormous risks depending on certain factors, namely the financial market, political situation, social events, possible natural catastrophes, among others. 

Another factor for doubt or mistrusting trading are two-fold: 

1.     Reliability of a particular brokerage.

2.     The trading industry’s reputation in general. 

All in all, reliable brokers must help clients in earning money. So if we come across a scammer, money is primed for loss at almost a 100% probability. 

We would like to assure readers right away that LimeFX is not one of these scammers in light of many factors.

1.     LimeFX is regulated by the CFTC.

2.     LimeFX fosters attractive trading conditions

3.     LimeFX offers many additional services, one of which is an educational center where people of all nationalities can learn trading. 

Today, we will talk about LimeFX in greater detail through a probe of its services, including but not limited to its usage of STP Technology, account types, Positive, Neutral, and Negative reviews LimeFX has received over the years, among others. A perusal of these facets above seeks to prove why LimeFX is far from being a scam.

But first off, want to get an idea of how LimeFX is online? Take a look at the LimeFX site through

LimeFX Review

LimeFX Review 

LimeFX Forex broker saw inception back in 2008 by a group of enthusiasts specializing in automated trading systems (otherwise known as trading robots). LimeFX provides many financial services internationally, including trading cryptocurrencies, traditional currencies, stocks, oil alongside other commodities. Among the standout offers made by LimeFX is its offer to trade Binary Options, deemed a great way to profit fast albeit risky. Beginners are thus warned from delving into Binary Options. 

LimeFX used to serve limited countries, but the list has now grown alongside LimeFX’s number of offered financial instruments. Nowadays, traders can buy and sell over 180 different assets accompanied by varying levels of risk. Through these, traders are allowed to create well-rounded investment portfolios. Should they want to earn more, traders can choose Binary Options and cryptocurrencies through LimeFX. If clients wish to protect their equity, LimeFX recommends stocks instead. 

LimeFX is an STP broker. This strongly suggests branding LimeFX fraud a complete fabrication, an ill-conceived notion not anchored to any basis in reality. LimeFX does not buy and sell any instruments. What it does is only connect traders globally to help them find each other to engage in transactions. STP brokers like LimeFX are intermediaries that work via a unique automated platform. Said platform help traders find orders at the best market prices.

LimeFX offers plenty of advantages. Let us discuss these LimeFX advantages in greater detail here: 

1.     Short time of order execution.

A factor of great importance, expedient order execution helps traders process orders as prices change. If orders execute too slowly, traders can buy financial instruments at their lowest price, thus losing money. Essential to any trader from any orientation, quick order execution allows traders to buy highly volatile financial instruments.

2.     Order history.

Traders can read all their orders in a particular journal to allow greater analysis of possible trading mistakes. Held as an essential function, traders benefit entirely from keeping tabs on their Order history. Unfortunately, many traders ignore it, not knowing the level of success it can bring. Give LImeFx’s premium on Order History, and we can already dispel that LimeFX cheats.

3.     Numerous financial instruments.

Thanks to the many financial instruments LimeFX makes available, traders can become more flexible. Traders can create brilliant strategies while correcting their actions should the need arise.

4.     The possibility of studying with the help of a professional analyst

Suffice it to say professional analysts know market situations better. Many factors impact assets; the LimeFX experienced analyst can look at these and ascertain what purpose these can serve in addition to technical analysis. 

LimeFX is a confirmed expert in trading. Such long-term work speaks volumes about the level of trust traders can put in LimeFX.

Scammers do not exist for long. These malicious entities often start bright and die young, probably in the duration of three to four months. The maximum life of dishonest projects could last for years, true. But it would prove unprofitable for them to keep working, given the higher risk of getting caught. It is much more effective for fraudulent entities to just close the unscrupulous company to create a new one.

LimeFX dispels fears traders might have by bringing in legitimate, reliable trading services novice traders themselves can easily navigate through. 

LimeFX Review

LimeFX’s Investor Simulator and Demo Account 

LimeFX provides a lot of exciting services. One of them is an investor simulator. Traders wanting to study trading while earning real money can master their skills without any real risks. 

LimeFX’s Investor Simulator allows traders to train for two weeks, after which traders can get any earned profit as a bonus. If it turns out losses are incurred, LimeFX automatically compensates such by paying traders back.

LimeFX’s second function is the Demo Account. The Demo Account is another terminal wherein traders can practice their skills, albeit not as comprehensive as the Investor Simulator. Traders receive a certain amount through their virtual accounts. Through manipulation of such, traders can master their skills alongside trading strategies without risking their real money.

Apart from these, another helpful feature is LimeFX’s Learning Center, where traders can read ebooks, watch webinars, get to known and use professional analytics created by LimeFX’s experts. All these have helped tens of thousands of people embark on their trade routes. 

LimeFX’s Live Account Types 

LimeFX provides several types of accounts for traders with varying capitals depending on what each version offers.

1.     LimeFX Basic Account

The simplest LimeFX account is pegged at a minimum deposit of $500. Quite steep, honestly, considering other companies allow traders to commence trading activities even with just ten dollars. However, $10 will not result in much as even one losing trade can obliterate it. It is wise to bear in mind that losses are a normal part of trading in financial markets.

2.     LimeFX VIP Accounts

Traders gearing into becoming hardened professionals can use a LimeFX VIP Account. The general advantage of using VIP Accounts is being given shorter terms of withdrawal. A professional analyst is provided for VIP Accounts, thus helping traders come up with better, more competent trading decisions. LimeFX’s VIP Account has three more subtypes:

3.     LimeFX Silver Account

Silver accounts allow traders to get money faster. These accounts also provide a professional analyst.

4.     LimeFX Gold Account

Gold accounts guarantee a full market review, running well into an hour.

5.     LimeFX Platinum Account

Platinum accounts provide users with personal trading strategies based on their wishes. If the trader is more aggressive, scalping strategies would be recommended. If saving money takes precedence, the trader is advised to employ positional trading. 

So our question becomes: How can one become a LimeFX trader? The interested party need only follow these simple steps:

1.     Visit the site.

2.     Create an account. LimeFX provides a simple questionnaire to answer.

3.     New users’ LimeFX login credentials will be asked.

4.     Deposit to start trading! 

These steps to set up a LimeFX account are sufficient to start trading. New LimeFX traders should try out the Investor Simulator after registration, especially if said trader is a beginner. New LimeFX traders should use the VIP account with the investor simulator simultaneously as it combines two advantages. Not only do new LimeFX trades get money minus risks, but they can foster increased probabilities of good results given the able support of LimeFX’s professional analyst. 

Nonetheless, a trader’s skills are the most essential tools. Traders should not only trust professional analysts; traders should employ critical analysis to guide their suppositions because, in the end, their final decision is what matters in trade, nothing else. Many unprofessional traders point fingers, saying that a specific broker is a scammer because their analysts have given bad advice. Traders have nothing to blame for failed trades but themselves. LimeFX, inasmuch as helpful across all their clients, recognizes the importance of a client’s decision to either propel a trading activity to success or plummet it to abject failure. As such, the LimeFX analyst is only there as an assistant. 

LimeFX Review

Is LimeFX Fraud? 

So to air out what has been going on in everyone’s head, is LimeFX fraud-ridden? No. Naturally. There are plenty of reasons why we can’t say LimeFX lies: 

1.     Regulation.

Regulatory status is the most critical criteria of broker reliability. CFTC regulates LimeFX. CFTC is an American government agency tasked to control financial markets to safeguard traders from dishonest, fraudulent actions. Almost all brokers are limited by law, making the accusation, LimeFX lies a bitter falsehood. Hence all pieces of evidence pointing to why Forex is a scam are plain, outright lies. Should brokers like LimeFX perform actions recognized as illegal, regulators are mandated to take away their licenses.

2.     Tight spreads.

Dishonest brokers create extensive spreads so as to manage them manually. Usually, if brokers bring deals to markets, spreads become tight. Spreads can either widen or narrow depending on market situations. It does not mean, however, that said broker is a fraud. It is one of the many signs that, when proven valid, may point to a scam.

3.     Unexpected operational problems.

Operational problems, more often than not, signal the cease of paying out profits. When new traders become very expensive, it is difficult to attract them, with many earners becoming huge. The broker is then driven to become irresponsible. After some time, traders will become irresponsible as well about money. Additionally, alarming signals can be inadequate quotes that do not change following the market, resulting in sharp and unexplainable increases within the payment period. Alarms should come before being carried out in 4-5 days, not a week or more.

4.     There is a significant difference between prices established by the broker and the prices quoted by the market (for example, stock exchanges).

While it is possible to see rapid price changes, it usually occurs when some unpredictable factors arise. For example, news about a company milestone or a blunder by a Central Bank can cause quotes to shoot up, exceeding average trajectories.

5.     LimeFX deals orders.

Such is factual as STP technology does well to prove it. This technology processes orders automatically, making LimeFX wholly reliable STP technology serves to exclude conflicts of interest and any potential broker abuses.

LimeFX Review

 LimeFX’s Trading platform

LimeFX executes all orders via its own trading platform. LimeFX developed it for mobile devices and desktops, allowing LimeFX traders to trade whenever and wherever. The web interface gives traders greater freedom as it provides convenient buy and sells functions through any device. Orders are easily lodged through the platform in little time, making for faster, smoother transactions.

Before, LimeFX had made a trading application for Android and iOS allowing for convenience in trading. However, Google and Apple let go of said application, leaving LimeFX to make do with browser-compatible software. Regardless, all the advantages recently enjoyed through LimeFX’s application remain available. Here are some of LimeFX’s trading platform features:

1.     Numerous financial instruments.

A wealth of analytical instruments like a set of trading indicators including RSI and Moving Averages.

2.     Binary Options. This asset is a quick but precarious way of earning money. Binary Options pertain to a type of bet where traders are tasked to predict a financial instrument’s price movement direction. Should a trader’s prediction prove correct, said trader gets up to 80% of income; if false, the trader loses all he has invested.

3.     Leverage.

Resorting to leverage is another method of increasing income. However, such measure increases risks as well. For example, a trader takes 1:100 leverage. He needs to pay only one part of the investment. LimeFX pays the remaining 99 percent. In essence, traders pay only what they can invest, while potentially earning from what LimeFX has paid for. However, should losses fall close to the trader’s deposit, he loses all funds.

LimeFX: Disproving All Myths About trading 

Trading is a fascinating process, albeit many people think only the worst about it. The culprit for trading’s numerous misconceptions are the many myths thrown against it. Let us describe some of them: 

1.     Trading can be compared with gambling and your chances are similar.

Untrue. When gambling, the gambler relies on luck. Trading and luck oppose each other as trading requires sharp analysis. Gambling is about emotions, the worst enemy of effective trading. Ideally, traders need to work according to their trading strategy and not make any orders not sanctioned by a trading plan. It is integral for traders to create strategies. Traders should analyze their mistakes if blunders are committed so as not to fall into them again.

2.     Traders are bound to be successful and prosperous.

Again, not valid. Trading results depend on the trader, but only to some extent. Unfortunately, there are some factors traders cannot simply control like political situations, economic decisions, decisions made by a company, to mention a few. Even professional traders can make mistakes. This is normal. Practical solutions come with experience.

3.     Trading is a scam.

False. There are a lot of traders known globally. Warren Buffett is one of them. There are more successful traders and many unknown professionals in banks, brokerages, and investment companies that make orders and profit from good deals with financial assets.

Trading is a really great way to earn money. Traders can be confident about their success, but it is stressed that polished skills increase one’s income significantly, not mere luck. If one really puts in work, the chances of being a successful trader are achievable. 

LimeFX Review

LimeFX Customer Reviews

Looking at reviews lodged for or against a broker is an excellent method to get the complete picture of a broker’s service. 

There are three types of reviews: Positive, Neutral, and Negative ones.

Usually, positive reviews are written by clients who had found satisfaction in their avialed services. Positive reviews do carry the risk of being fraudulent as companies can easily buy them. Hence, positive reviews are not entirely reliable as we would like to think.

Neutral reviews are more objective. They do well in describing the positive and negative facets of a company or a service. Many neutral reviews tell about the company’s popularity to help understand its advantages and disadvantages.

Negative reviews are written by unsatisfied clients. These are written significantly more often than positive ones because negative emotions are expressed much more often.

Let us describe some positive, neutral, and negative reviews regarding LimeFX.

Positive reviews

1.     This company is great. I tried their investor simulator, and this feature is fantastic. I lost all my money, but the broker returned them to me. I am a Muslim, and I wanted to trade according to my religion. This broker has given me this opportunity. I wrote to my personal manager, and he activated an Islamic account. Now, I don’t break the Sharia law.

2.     I have been cooperating with this company for two years. Since then, I have not had a single complaint against it. Trading conditions completely satisfy me. Although I am more professional than a beginner, I regularly read materials that are published in the educational center. I really liked the investor simulator feature. Thanks to it, I managed to get some of my money back. After I invested them in the market again, I managed to significantly increase my capital.

3.     To be honest, at first, I was wary of this company. I was actively looking for where to invest, but many friends warned me against the Forex market. They said that this is a complete fraud, and it is unrealistic to earn something there. Now, I am quite a wealthy person. I have been working with this broker for three years now, and there are no complaints.

 Neutral reviews

1.   What can I say? In general, working with this broker is fine. I’m a little annoyed that this company does not withdraw money immediately, but after a while. However, there is nothing to be done about it because they check applications for compliance with the rules of use. A nice feature is the investor simulator. It will be especially useful for beginners. I don’t like the high level of the minimum deposit. At the beginning of my career, it was hard for me to invest $500 at once. Therefore, I was able to start my trading path only a year later, when my income increased slightly. In general, everything is good, although I cannot give a perfect score for the reasons stated above.

2.   Well, the withdrawal of funds takes forever. They just piss me off with this. The minimum deposit is large. In all other aspects, the broker is friendly to traders, helping and guiding newbies. Ah, one more unpleasant moment. Managers are a bit pushy, but I will invest exactly as much as I need.

3. I’ll talk a little about my experience with this company. One of the good things is an opportunity to practice in several ways, starting with the classic demo account and ending with the investor simulator. Also, my personal expert, whom I received with the VIP account, is really a professional. He explained to me in detail what factors are affecting the market at the moment. In my free time, I do not miss an opportunity to learn something new through the educational center. The money comes steadily in 4-5 days, but I would like it faster. Therefore, I can’t say that this broker is perfect.

As we can see, there are quite a number of positive and neutral LimeFX reviews. To gain a more balanced view, let us check out some negative assessments on LimeFX. 

Negative Forex reviews 

1.     Annoying managers drive me crazy. That’s why I don’t want to work with them anymore. I got my first money I earned in 4 days and I don’t want to work with them. One thing is the best. This is an investor simulator. This feature is great and thanks to it I could withdraw some money.

2.     I don’t want to cooperate with the company that has such a large minimal deposit. I don’t know it. Why do I have to invest 500 dollars?

It is clear here that negative reviews are only from people who had been dissatisfied with LimeFX. These reasons are not in any way associated with suspicions or possible clues that LImeFX scams traders. Both parties who dislike LimeFX’s trading conditions did not mention anything fraudulent, just complaints on otherwise solvable issues. 

There weren’t any negative reviews about LimeFX linked with dishonest actions. In general, there aren’t any more of such negative reviews. 

It is made clear here that LimeFX is not a scammer. Go to LimeFX official site and find out for yourself.

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